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cadena reeve justice centerNPR‘s Joseph Shapiro wrote an excellent article on the fees criminal defendants are charged after they are arrested, while they await trial, and during probation.  The fees are used by state and county officials to help finance the criminal justice system.

Mr. Shapiro’s report states the fees lead to harsher treatment for poorer defendants who have difficulty paying fines and court costs.

The fees charged vary between states.  However, some common fees that defendants are charged include (click here for NPR chart of fees charged by state):

  • Electronic Monitoring (ELM) Fees;
  • Fines, court costs, and restitution;
  • Special assessments;
  • Reimbursement for court-appointed attorney fees;
  • Probation and supervisory fees; and
  • Ignition Interlock (II) fees pretrial and while on probation for DWI;

The fees charged above are common in Bexar County and are collected while on probation.

If you are arrested for a crime, you should read Mr. Shapiro’s article to get an idea of the expenses associated with the criminal justice system.

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As court fees rise, the poor are paying the cost
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