Bloomberg News is reporting that federal investigators use the “Control-F” function on computers to search for acronyms on recovered emails to look for suspicious activity for people suspected of insider trading. The acronyms include: TYOP (tell you on phone); TOL (talk offline); and LDL (let’s discuss live).

Incriminating Acronyms
Incriminating Acronyms

Investigators also search for key phrases such as “call my cell” or “let’s go off e-mail” in hopes of finding evidence of intent to hide or cover up illegal wrongdoing.

Although the story focused on day traders–this technique can be used on other white-collar crimes to establish intent to cover-up or deceive.

The story is fascinating and shows how a simple search technique helps investigators search large volumes of emails for incriminating evidence quickly and easily.

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Author: Genaro Cortez

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