KSAT 12 News is reporting that the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) will have additional police patrols to look for suspected drunk drivers this New Year’s Eve.


My advice to all New Year’s Eve party-goers is to make plans to get home safely before you go out.  Call a cab, a friend, or have a designated driver.  Remember–the best way to beat a DWI charge is to avoid one.  A little pre-planning could save you a ton in legal fees and court costs.

But I also realize that stuff happens.  So if you get pulled over and investigated for suspicion of DWI–remember stay calm–no matter what.

The officer likely has body microphones on his uniform that are recording the interaction and the questions he is asking are designed to illicit incriminating responses.  There is also likely (but not always) a dash camera that is recording the investigation and arrest.  (That’s one of the reasons cops love to ask drivers–“How much have you had to drink tonight?”  It’s such a loaded question it’s not even funny.)   So just assume everything you say and do will be recorded and used against you against in a court of law.

If you do get jammed up and charged with DWI–don’t panic.  Give me a call.  I will help you through the DWI process, be your advocate, and will work hard to get the best outcome for your case.

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Author: Genaro Cortez

Hi! I am Genaro Cortez, a DWI Attorney in San Antonio, Texas. This blog provides information on frequently asked questions about DWI charges and criminal defense.